a.k.a.: The BBC Junior Television Magazine

Publisher: Polystyle Publications

Format: Weekly comic strip anthology.

First Issue: 29th January 1985

Last Issue: 11th June 1985

Absorbed: N.A.

Absorbed into: N.A.

Strips: Automan, Bananaman, Family Ness, Grange Hill, One By One, The Tripods

Comments: In 1985 the BBC decided the time was ripe to launch a new comic to replace the late lamented TV Comic (and not incidentally grab a share of the successful ITV-connected magazine Look-In's market). Polystyle Publications handled the actual publication, with Dennis Hooper editing, but the title didn't do so well, and cancelled after 20 issues (though not 13 as some reference guides claim - and for any doubters out there, check out this link where you can read the entire 20 issues worth of the Tripods strip).

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