Real Name: Marc Slayton

Identity/Class: Human/extra-terrestrial (Kherubim) hybrid

Occupation: Adventurer, formerly knight, U.S.A.F. Colonel, ninja, soldier

Affiliations: former member of Wildcore, former member of Team One, former member of Team Seven, former member of StormWatch

Enemies: the D'rahn, Daemonites, S'Yrn

Known Relatives: S'lyton (father, deceased), Jodi (a.k.a. Jet, daughter), Aries (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: StormWatch #3 (Image Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Thanks to his Kherubim genes, Marc is virtually immortal and has accrued three thousand years of combat experience. He is an expert martial artist and trained in the use of most weapons. His agility is superhuman. Exposure to the GenFactor released several latent powers, including the ability to generate psychic energy whips out the backs of his hands. He can also transform his body and clothes into mist - as well as being useful for infiltration and defense, this also allows him to swiftly most injuries, which tend to vanish after transforming to mist and back. However the recent loss of a leg has not healed so easily, and he is currently using a bionic replacement.

History: Marc Slayton was born in Atlantis, the son of a human mother and Lord S'lyton, Kherubim lord of the realm. When his father sacrificed his life to imprison the D'rahn, a race of hostile aliens whose attack led to the sinking of Atlantis, young Marc was spirited away by Ferrian, his father's former advisor. Ferrian raised the child to adulthood, tutoring him in fighting skills for his protection. Once Marc was old enough to look after himself Ferrian dropped out of sight and left him to fend for himself.

Marc spent the next three thousand years travelling around the world, living a life of adventure. He has only fragmented memories of his long life. At one point he was a ninja, at another he was a medieval knight. By the 1960's he was a military man, an Air Force Colonel, working as part of the extra-terrestrial threats squad Team One. Later, using the codename Backlash, he joined Team-7, a special ops unit which was deliberately exposed to a mutagenic chemical called the GenFactor. All of the members developed superhuman powers - in Marc's case some of these were the result of his alien heritage being fully activated. Team-7 finished their final mission and then went AWOL, but Marc made a deal with their bosses, brokering his (and John Lynch and Michael Cray's) services in return for the rest of the squad and their families being left alone.

Backlash was assigned to join StormWatch, the U.N.'s Crisis Intervention superteam. He worked as the group's field leader until he lost several members of his squad during a mission in Kuwait, after which he switched to being an instructor. When a Daemonite called S'Yrn put Marc's fiancee Dianne into a coma, he deserted StormWatch to track her down, breaking a Cabal agent, Taboo, out of prison to help him on his quest. While he eventually caught his prey and revived Dianne, he and Taboo had become lovers, and both had become fugitives.

Subsequent to this Marc discovered he had fathered twin children on an old girlfriend from Japan, when one of them, Jodi, tracked him down when her mother died. Like her father, Jodi's alien genes gave her superhuman powers, and she took the identity of Crimson so she could adventure with him. Backlash and Taboo arranged a pardon for their crimes in return for working for America's Department of Paranormal Science Investigations (PSI). It was around this point Marc finally learned of his Kherubim ancestry - for reasons best known to himself, Ferrian had never told Marc. Marc was placed in charge of forming a team of superpowered operatives for them, codenamed WildCore. He worked with this new team until most of them were killed trying to stop a breakout at the Purgatory Max facility. Marc survived, though he lost a leg, which has yet to heal (if it ever will). He has returned to active duty, his missing limb replaced with a bionic one for the time being.

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