Real Name: Amanda Reed

Identity/Class: Human wearing extra-terrestrial symbiotic armour

Occupation: former prostitute

Affiliations: member of Wildcore, former members of the Cabal

Enemies: the D'rahn, Lilith, Sammeal

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Backlash #1(Image Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Amanda is bonded to a symbiotic suit. Her symbiote can appear at will, covering her body and giving her razor-sharp claws, a whip-like tail and bat wings. Like a vampire she has low-level hypnotic powers. The suit also increases her strength and protects her from injury. Powered by blood, the suit normally drains Amanda, leaving her with porcelain-white skin; in the presence of people bleeding it can take her over and try to kill and drain them.

History: Amanda Reed was a prostitute recruited by the Cabal to test a new symbiotic suit, a weapon created from the DNA of Calobois, father of all vampires. It had been created by the Cabal's scientist Branum for their ally Lilith, another vampire, with the intention of granting her immunity to sunlight. For the duration of the testing process Amanda went to work for the Cabal under the codename Taboo. However she was framed for murder, and imprisoned in a maximum security prison ward while the authorities tried to remove the suit. Backlash freed her, and the two became lovers, with Taboo joining Wildcore.

Since then Taboo has learned that Calobois is imprisoned within her symbiote, that there is a second, male symbiote worn by Sammeal which might be able to release Calobois, and that her own suit is gradually transforming her, making her increasingly vampiric.

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