Real Name: Francisco Xavier Chapa del Bosque

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Performer of outrageous feats, escape artist

Affiliations: Blue Demon

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: El Increíble Profesor Zovek (The Incredible Professor Zovek)

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Invasión de los muertos (movie)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Zovek was a magician and escape artist.

Comments: Daniel Herman informs me "Zovek was a magician and escape artist who appeared playing himself in a couple of movies (including the atrocious Invasión de los muertos with Blue Demon). Actually, that may have been his only movie and he died during filming, which is why he disappears half-way through and never actually is on screen with Blue Demon or other characters."

Zovek Chapa added detailed information about the real life Professor Zovek: "He was born in Northern city of Torreon in the state of Coahuila, Mexico on April the 13th 1940. In 1969 he was presented on Mexican TV nationwide performing escapes, acts and stunts. Altough he was not a magician, but instead a real gifted man. He performed 17,800 sit-ups (without stopping) in 8 hours during the transmission of a TV show and the last 200 taking his own secretary over his head with his hands. (Jan 1970). He swam 8 hours without stopping in a TV show to get money for the Red Cross, and skipped rope for almost 9 hours for the same cause. So his fame escalated impressively and became a real hero of flesh and blood.

He was able to stop 8 motorcycles from running using his teeth, some chains and a biting device; to shoot bullseyes with his eyes totally covered, even using medical tape to cover his eyes. He also drove a motorcycle (Norton commando 750) tha same way through some obstacles like poles with knives and on fire.

Professor Zovek was a Martial Arts expert, he mastered from Oriental styles to western boxing (fighting some amateur combats) to fencing, so he combined and created his own system and taught to some elite troops in the Mexican Army and the Military Police. That system was so effective that even some representatives of eastern european armies were very interested in him, and they offered him contracts.

On TV he smashed some woods (what many karate masters might do) but what made the difference was that he first demonstrated the firmness of the wood pieces by standing on them while carrying a girl over his head; so two people over 3 inches of wood (three pieces but together, not separated by little woods like many karate pros do) And by the way he used not only knockles for brakings but fingers, forehead, the wrist, etc.

He became so famous that the producers of that TV show were smart and reserved Zovek the prime time, always changing his performances to gain audience and rating. He also made some comics using cartoons and a couple using photos.

The producers of the movies "El Increíble Profesor Zovek" and "La Invasión de los Muertos", the Rosas Priego, offered him a contract of 9 movies, and he only could make 1 1/2 what you say about the wrestler "Blue Demon" is right. The Fuji Telecasting Co. in Japan used to present a show called "The World Surprise Show"; twice a year they presented the very best of the stunts around the world. In 1972 they heard about the Professor so they sent the agents to Mexico. When they met the Professor they declared the first "Incredible Showman in the World" and invited the Professor to Tokyo, but unfortunately on March the 10th 1972 he was killed in a helicopter accident falling from an altitude of approximately 200 feet exactly one week before departing to Japan.

He was an authentic superathlete more than a magician (he never performed a single magic trick). His escapes were real and certified by police officers and military personnel, because he used real straitjackets, handcuffs, chains and locks. He offered rewards to anyone who could prove the use of a trick."


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