Zen, Intergalactic Ninja

Real Name: Zen

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Mercenary

Affiliations: Teslah, Master of Om, Nira X

Enemies: Notan, Lord Contaminous

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: Intergalactic Ninja

Base of Operations: Om and Earth

First Appearance: Zen, Intergalactic Ninja #1 (Zen Comics, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled martial artist.

History: Zen was artificially conceived and grown as part of an experiment in a test tube on the planet Baltoon. When the experiment was deemed a failure, the infant Zen was scheduled for termination, but one of the project scientists, Teslah, saved him, sending him off into space in a transport pod. The vessel eventually entered the Om system, home of the mysterious sect known as the Masters of Om. They took the child into their care, and raised him as one of their acolytes, training him in the martial arts. By the time he reached adulthood Zen had learned all they could teach him, and surpassed all their other students. Now Zen makes his living as a soldier-of-fortune, hiring his skills out to whoever will pay the bills.

Comments: Created by Steve Stern and Dan Cote.

As well as the comics, Konami have produced a number of videogames based on Zen, including one for the Gameboy; he's been the star of "Alien Hero", a short story / novella collection; and there is talk of a live-action Zen movie. Originally published by Zen Comics, the character has switched to Entity (most of his published career), Archie, Parody Press and Devil's Due.

Zen is one of the participants in War of the Independents.


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