Wülf Girlz

Real Name: Hope and Grace (no last names)

Identity/Class: Werewülves (werewolves)

Occupation: Children

Affiliations: Brotherhood of Wülves (wolves)

Enemies: Pedophiles, Wülf hunters

Known Relatives: Jacques Dubois (Step-Father), unidentified parents (deceased), Lilly (step-sister, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.S.A.

First Appearance: Psychosis! #1 (Guild Work Productions, October 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Able to turn into Wülves (wolves), unaging.

History: In 1856 in northern Vermont Grace (10) and her younger sister Hope (eight) were living with their parents in a little village. Their Father was a Lutheran Minister. During the winter of ’56, their mother died from emphysema. That Spring Jacques and his 13-year old daughter were wandering through, and - when the three girls took a shine to each other - chose to stay for a spell. However Jacques (a Jamaican) turned out to be a Werewülf and slaughtered some of the villager’s cows.

Fearing a demon in their midst, the neighbors along with the Reverend confronted Jacques (unfortunately, they did this on the second night of a full moon). It was then that the villagers witnessed his transformation, and attempted to kill him. Only they wound up accidentally killing Lilly instead. This drove Jacques into a berserker rage, and he killed all of the villagers who confronted him at his cabin. Grace and Hope, who had disobeyed their father and followed him, tried to help their father escape Jacques, but during the melee he accidentally bit them both. Traumatized by his indiscretion, and given the circumstances, Jacques did the only thing he could, and adopted both of the girlz.

In the late 1940s Grace and Hope (who were now essentially 100 years old, although still physically appearing to be 10 & eight) were now on their own wandering the country. They wound up in Hollywood, and because of an incident that occurred there, went from simply being Werewülves to Werewülves who stalked pedophiles.

Comments: Wülf Girlz are created and written by Robert J. (“Bob”) Sodaro, and drawn by Matt Ryan. Thanks to Bob for much of the above information.

Wülf Girlz will be appearing in the War of the Independents.

The first appearance of the Wülf Girlz was in Psychosis! #1, their second appearance (their origin story) appears in Psychosis! #3 (April, ’08). Additional stories are plotted and/or written, but have as yet to be drawn or published.


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