Will Chandler

Real Name: Will Chandler

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Youth

Affiliations: The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka; Vislor Turlough

Enemies: Sir George Hutchinson (deceased), the Malus (deceased)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Little Hodgecombe, circa 1643
formerly the Tardis;
briefly temporally displaced into Little Hodgecombe, circa 1982

First Appearance: The Awakening

Powers/Abilities: None.

History: Hiding in a church in 1643, Will Chandler was pulled forward in time to the late 20th century by the alien Malus, where he assisted the Doctor in stopping the creature's evil plans. The Doctor subsequently returned Will home in his time machine, the TARDIS, although as it turns out he didn't take the most direct route, and they shared some other, unspecified adventures together before Will made it back to his own era.

Comments: Portrayed by Keith Jayne

The novel "Kings of Terror" establishes that Will travelled with the Doctor for a month, joining him on a number of adventures, before being returned to his own time.

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