Adverts with the Doctor (and friends)

Over the years the Doctor has managed to pop up in quite a few adverts. I'm not meaning ones which advertised his own programmes, or his books or videos. Nope. For a being raised on the non-commercial BBC the Doctor hasn't hesistated to lend his name to campaigns to shift product when the price was right. Guess even a Time Lord has to pay the bills.

Wall's Sky Ray Lollies (1967)

Doctor Who Fights Masterplan Q (Nestle Chocolate Bar Wrappers, 1971)

Prime Computers (1979-80) - The Fourth Doctor and Romana

Dr Who's Choc Chip Lolly - Australia 1979

Keep Australia Beautiful

Car advert (multiple Doctors)

Kyle McLachlan ad with Jon Pertwee

The Doctor has also used the TARDIS to advertise product

Mazda Advert, 1989

Seiko Watches, 1980's

Not to be outdone, the Daleks have also built up a career in advertising

BT advert (1998)

Twix advert

Power mad advert

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