Real Name: Kelly Webster

Identity/Class: Human mutate or human technology user.

Occupation: Farmer

Affiliations: Spinner (sidekick); Scarab (mentor)

Enemies: Dr.Abyss, Madame Macabre, Tzetse

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Webwoman #1 "The Rainmaker" -  a segment of Tarzan and the Super Seven (Filmation for CBS, September 9th 1979)

Kelly Webster, Web Woman's alter egoPowers/Abilities: Webwoman had "the powers of all insects". This included the ability to spray a web-like substance from the ring she wore. I don't know whether she had any innate powers, or if they all came from her ring (hence being unsure as to her identity / class). I'm guessing, never having seen an episode, that she might also have the ability to walk on walls, the ability to control insects, enhanced senses and heightened speed. In spite of the statement about the powers of ALL insects, I'm told she didn't have superhuman strength, or the abillity to fly, plus I'm guessing she didn't spit acid on people and then eat them (like a fly does to digest its food), or bite the heads of her boyfriends like a Preying Mantis.

She piloted a flying vehicle called the Web Trac, which was capable of space travel.

History: When Kelly Webster came across a strange, insectoid being drowning in a river, she didn't hesitate to jump in and help it. The creature proved to be an alien known as Scarab, who in gratitude for the rescue granted Kelly "the powers of all insects". She became the superhero Webwoman, assisted by a small alien known as Spinner, and advised by Scarab from his space station, Citadel Seven.

Comments: Voiced by Linda Gary.

Looking at the powers Kelly appears to have been given by Scarab, I have to say the insects on his world must be mighty strange. Earth insects generally don't make webs (that's really an arachnid power), and definitely don't generate them from rings they wear. Nor do they usually pilot high-tech, spaceworthy vehicles. Also Scarab is full of hyperbole, since in spite of his promise, he didn't give her anything like the "powers of ALL insects" - she is definitely lacking quite a few potential powers suggested by such a statement.

Spinner, Web Woman's sidekickThere were ten episodes of Webwoman:

  1. The Rainmaker

  2. The Eye of the Fly

  3. The World Within

  4. Madame Macabre's Calamity Circus

  5. Red Snails at Sunset

  6. Send in the Clones

  7. The Sun Thief

  8. Dr. Despair and the Mood Machine

  9. The Perfect Crime

  10. The Lady in the Lamp

In 1976 Filmation released a cartoon called Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle. A year later they turned that into The Batman / Tarzan Adventure Hour by adding new Batman cartoons to a mixture of new and repeated Tarzan cartoons. For the third season they once more added in new cartoons, transforming the show into Tarzan and the Super Seven. The Super Seven consisted of Tarzan; Batman;  Webwoman, Freedom Force; Manta and Moray - Monarch of the Deep; Superstretch and Microwoman; and Jason of Star Command, a live action show.

Thanks to Spencer Douglass for correcting some mistakes I had made regarding Webwoman's powers. He also mentioned that "When she transformed from Kelly Webster to Web Woman, basically just a change of costumes, a web pattern would come over the screen from her ring and then retract with her now in her superhero costume."

Scott Nesmith wrote to say If I remember correctly, when Kelly Webster transformed into Web Woman, she chanted the following phrase: "Insects of the world. Small creatures of the cosmos. Lend me your powers now."

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