The Web

Membership: Big Daddy (pictured); Jesus "Jump" Kennedy; the Sunshine Kid; Gunny; Richard "Brew" Troy; St. James; Silver; Rowdy; Rad; Dr.Karen "Buster" Thomas




Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Web #1 (Impact Comics, September 1991); Black Hood Annual 1, Comet 8, Comet Annual 1, Crucible 6, Crusaders 1-8, Fly 3, 12, Fly Annual 1, Impact Winter Special 1, Web, Legend of the Shield 6, 10, 14, Legend of the Shield Annual 1, Web 1-14, Web Annual

History: After the American Crusaders disappeared the U.S. government formed an organisation to create a new hero, codenamed the Web. In fact the Web was not one man, but several agents who each played the role, gaining power from their armour.

Comments: Created by Len Strazewski and Tom Artis

Gabriel informs me that the Impact version of the Web are "government agents wearing a hi-tech armor".

Josh Geren notes that "The armor was only functional for a few hours at a time. It could receive power via remote transmission. When the power got there, there was a pattern of greenish light around the armor, hence the "WEB". (Bear in mind that this was prior to the Internet.). The armor came standard: exoskeleton with microwave handgun and tractor beam, as well as "tangle grenade" launchers. Most of the WEB operatives carried supplemental weaponry. Oddly, the armor featured no helmet." He also described some of the agents who wore the armour: "Operatives included a sometime biker called Big Daddy, a louisiana swamp rat called Gunny, the father of the Fly, Richard "Brew" Troy, Jesus "Jump" Kennedy, former hippie the Sunshine Kid, and a few others- notably St. James, Silver, Rowdy, Rad, and the single female member, Dr. Karen Thomas, known as Buster."


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