The Fly

Real Name: Jason Troy

Identity/Class: Magically transformed human

Occupation: School pupil

Affiliations: Crusaders

Enemies: Burnout, Chromium, Arachnus

Known Relatives: Richard "Brew" Troy (father, WEB operative, wrongly believed deceased)

Aliases: Buzz

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Fly #1 (Impact Comics, August 1991)

Powers/Abilities: The Fly possesses superhuman strength and agility, and can fly using his insectoid wings. He can adhere to any surface. He needs his amulet to transform, both into the Fly and back to his teenage form of Jason Troy.

History: Teenager Jason Troy was given a magical amulet by his mysterious mythology teacher, Mr. Abin, that transformed him into the heroic Fly.

Comments: Created by Len Strazewski and Mike Parobeck

Gabriel informs me that the Fly's origin involves an "amulet gives the powers of a fly to the wearer".

Josh Geren informs me that "Jason Troy's father was a member of the clandestine unit known as the WEB. He believed his father to be dead." Thanks Josh.


Any Additions/Corrections? Please let me know.

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