Wagner the Wehr-Wolf a.k.a. Wagner the Were-Man

Wagner as drawn by Henry AnelayReal Name: Wagner (unknown if this is his first or last name)

Identity/Class: Lycanthrope

Occupation: Peasant

Affiliations: Nisida

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Wagner the Wehr-Wolf (penny dreadful, 1846 or 1847 - some accounts say the title of the story was Wagner the Werewolf or Wagner the Were-Man)

Powers/Abilities: Wagner was cursed with lycanthropy. He was also immortal.

History: Wagner was a German peasant who made a deal with the devil, gaining eternal life on the condition he becomes a werewolf every seven years. He had a series of supernatural adventures, accompanied by the beautiful murderess Nisida, before finally being saved from his fate by some passing Rosicrucians.

Comments: Thanks to Terry Hooper for first informing me of this character and providing me with information. According to Terry "Wagner was the creation of George W. Reynolds who, in his time, was more read than Dickens or Thackeray." Reynolds edited The London Journal, but was also the author of a number of penny dreadful fictions. As well as his tale of Wagner he also wrote The Mysteries of London in 1845 and an adaption of the Faust legend in 1846 (in which Wagner makes a cameo at one point).

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