Val Venture

Real Name: Valra Venture

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial.

Occupation: Assistant to Ace Hart

Affiliations: Ace Hart (boyfriend), Commodore Pilot Saunders

Enemies: The Phantoms of the planet Rano

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile through space; originally from planet Loma

First Appearance: Super Thriller #15 (1948)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly and survive in outer space, travelling at interstellar speeds. She may have had some level of enhanced strength, sometimes used hypnosis on foes, and occasionally utilized an atomic ray gun of Ace's invention.

History: When Ace Hart began flying around the cosmos in his spaceship battling evil, he met and allied himself with Val Venture, who had been enslaved by the Vaks when they conquerered her homeworld, Loma. He gave her the same secret formula elixir which allowed him to safely absorb and utilize atomic energy, though Val apparently ended up with somewhat fewer powers than her partner, and she joined him working for the Earth-based Department of Space Defence, answering to the Director General

Comments: Thanks to Adrian Brewer for two of the images on this page, along with the confirmation that Val Venture was an ally of Ace Hart, and the title where she appeared. Thanks to Dennis Ray for some major updates on Val's background, and the image to the left.


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