The original Urutora

Real Name: Shin Hayata / Ultraman

Identity/Class: Human / extra-terrestrial hybrid

Occupation: Agent of the Science Patrol / Defender of the galaxy

Affiliations: ally of the Science Special Investigation Team (a.k.a Kagaku Tokubetsu Sohsa Tai - Captain Toshio Muramatsu, Mitsuhiro Ide, Daisuke Arashi, Akiko Fuji, Isamu Hoshino and his civilian identity); all the other Ultramen, Kamen Rider

Enemies: Baltan, Bemular, Hippolito, Yapool, Zetton

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Ultraman (English version of his name)

Base of Operations: Japan, Earth; later returned to the Land of Light (a.k.a. The Ultra Planet)

First Appearance: Urutora Episode #1, "Urutora Sakusen Dai-Ichi-Goh" (July 17th 1966)

Powers/Abilities: In his Ultraman form, he stood around forty metres tall, though he could alter his size at will. He had a variety of energy attacks, his best known being the Specium Ray, activated by crossing his arms in a plus formation, with the resultant bolt of energy coming from his raised right hand. He could emit rings of light which could cut through things and streams of water to put out fires. He could teleport across light years, even between planets. He could also fly at interstellar speeds in space, and at supersonic speeds within an atmosphere. He could also run at superhuman speeds, faster than the fastest car. After merging with Shin, he used a "Beta Capsule" to transform, holding it in the air to start the change. He can only maintain this form inside Earth's atmosphere for a maximum of three minutes, or risk death through energy depletion. A Colour Timer on his chest served to give warning if his time was running low.

History: (Ultraman) Hailing from Nebula M78, Ultraman came to Earth pursuing Bemular, who had escaped while being taken to the Monster Graveyard. Flying over Japan, he accidentally collided with a plane, causing it to crash. Remorseful, and knowing he will rapidly run out of life giving energy within the planet's atmosphere, Ultraman merged with the dying pilot Shin Hayata. This saved the life of the human, but also allowed his alien counterpart to survive on Earth and secretly live among the humans unnoticed except when he was needed. Shin was a member of the Science Patrol, a group armed with high-tech giant robots who routinely took on alien invaders and giant monsters which threatened Japan. After defending Earth for a couple of years, Ultraman fell in battle with the monster Zetton, after his foe smashed his Colour Timer. Luckily the Science Patrol managed to defeat the creature. Ultraman's friend Zoffy came to the alien hero's rescue, separating Shin and restoring the human's independent life, then taking his ailing comrade back to Nebula M78 to be healed.

(Ultraman Jack, #38 "Urutora No Hoshi Hikaru Toki", bts) At some point Ultraman returned to Earth and re-merged with Shin.

(Ultraman Jack, #38 "Urutora No Hoshi Hikaru Toki") When the current Ultraman, Ultraman Jack, is about to die at the hands of the Knuckle-seijin, Ultraman and Ultraseven both come to his assistance.

(Ultraman Ace, #1 "Kagayake! Urutora Go-Kyohdai") Following the devastation of Horishima by Belokuron, the monstrous servant of other-dimensional villains, the Yapool, Ultraman is one of several Ultras who visit Earth and empower two humans to merge with Ultraman Ace.

(Ultraman Ace, #13 "Shikei! Urutora Go-Kyohdai" and #14 "Ginga Ni Chitta Itsusu No Hoshi") The Yapool draw five Ultramen, including the original, into a trap on the planet Golgoda. With their energy drained by a sudden drop in temperature, four of the group share their energy with the fifth and youngest, Ultraman Ace, allowing him to escape and return to Earth, where the Yapool have just sent their newest monster. The remaining Ultramen, unable to fight back, are chained to giant crosses by their enemies. Once crucified in this manner, they have what little energy they have left drained into a robot known as the Ace Killer, giving it all of their powers. In spite of this, Ultraman Ace still triumphs, and manages to free his captive fellows.

(Ultraman Ace, #26 "Zenmetsu! Urutora Go-Kyohdai" and #27 "Kiseki! Urutora No Chichi") One by one the Ultramen are trapped by a new monster called Hippolito, and transformed into bronze statues. They are rescued by Urutora No Chichi (the "Father of Ultraman"), who manages to free Ultraman Ace at the cost of his own life. Ace in turn defeats Hippolito and releases his fellows, and then the group return the (temporarily) dead Urutora No Chichi back to the Land of the Ultras.

(Ultraman Taroh, #1 "Urutora No Haha Wa Taiyoh No Yoh Ni") Ultraman was present to assist at the birth of Ultraman Taroh.

(Ultraman Taroh, #25 "Moero! Urutora Roku Kyohdai") Ultraman and several of his fellow Ultras combined with Ultraman Taroh to allow him to temporarily survive the flames engulfing the Ultra Tower. This allows him to retrieve the Ultra Bell kept within, which they then carried back to Earth together, so that Taroh could use it to remove a deadly cloud which Taroh's enemy Mururoa had surrounded the Earth with.

(Ultraman Taroh, #33 "Urutora No Kuni Daibakuhatsu Go Byoh Mae!" and #34 "Urutora Roku Kyohdai Saigo No Hi!") Taroh's human counterpart invited his predecessors to return to Earth for a reunion. Shin was one of those who accepted, and thus was present when the group later had to fight Tempera.

(Ultraman Taroh, #40 "Urutora Kyohdai O Koete Yuke!") Tyrant, a creature formed from the remains of previous monsters, attacked the "Ultra Brothers", including the original Ultraman.

(Ultraman Leo, #38 "Kettoh! Reo Kyohdai Tai Urutora Kyohdai" and #39 "Reo Kyohdai Urutora Kyohdai Shohri No Toki") A being masquerading as Astra (the brother of Ultraman Leo) stole the Ultra Key from the Land of Light. The thief successfully evaded Ultraman and his fellows, and fled to Earth with his prize. The Ultra Brothers pursued him, but when they caught up with him and tried to subdue him, Ultraman Leo jumped in, believing he was defending his brother. After negotiation failed, battle ensued, and the Ultra Brothers were forced to violently subdue Ultraman Leo. Luckily Ultraman King intervened, and revealed the thief's deception.

(Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider) After a foe of Ultraman's (Gadras) and a foe of Kamen Rider #1 (Poison Scorpion Man) merged to create the new and more powerful Sasori-Gadras, the two heroes joined forces to defeat this threat.

(Ultraman Tiga, #49 "Urutora No Hoshi") Ultraman helped the other-dimensional Ultraman Tiga battle the evil Yanakahgi.

Comments: Created by Eiji Tsuburaya. This first Ultraman show ran for thirty nine episodes, and was a spin-off from another series called Ultra Q. After it finished, the franchise continued with Ultraseven. Ultraman was played by Satoshi Furuya, while Shin was played by Susumu Kurobe

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