Real Name: Ududu

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Agent of the Brotherhood of Balance

Affiliations: Mackenzie Queen, the Brotherhood of Balance

Enemies: The Ice Men

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Canada

First Appearance: Mackenzie Queen (Matrix Graphics)

Powers/Abilities: Seven foot tall, Ududu possesses superhuman strength and a "mutant constitution". He is also telepathic, and able read minds.

History: One of the last of his own race, if not the sole survivor, was rescued from the death of his species at the hands of the rapacious Ice Men by members of the Brotherhood of Balance. They brought him to Earth to recuperate, and he slept for four years deep under the ground. While he slept, his mind acted like a radio, listening in to every transmission on the planet, and allowing him to learn the languages and culture. When the Ice Men reached Earth, he awoke, aware that he needed to assist the Brotherhood's chosen defender, a local called Mackenzie Queen.

He and Mackenzie set off to deal with the Ice Men, who were hiding behind Earth's moon. While Mackenzie made his way to the enemy base inside a VW Beetle, he teleported Ududu into the heart of their base. There Ududu found and rescued a kidnapped human astronaut. Meanwhile Mackenzie came to understand the true extent of his magic, and armed with a magical tuning fork, the ultimate symbol of his magic, he joined Ududu in the Ice Men stronghold. Using the tuning fork, Mackenzie transformed the Ice Men's psyches, enlightening them and ending their destructive ways. After the completion of the mission, Ududu asked the Brotherhood if he could stay on Earth with Mackenzie for a while, as a kind of vacation, and his superiors granted his request.

Comments: Created by Bernie Mireault.

A carnivore, Ududu likes his meat raw and "drippy".


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