Mackenzie Queen

Real Name: Mackenzie Queen

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Dilettante, formerly street musician. The government thinks he is an antiques dealer because he pays his way selling golden statues and the like.

Affiliations: Ududu, Madonna (not the singer), Kuru, the Brotherhood of Balance

Enemies: Ice Men

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Nova Scotia, Canada, near the town of Lansole.

First Appearance: Mackenzie Queen #1 (Matrix Graphics, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Using his magical candle as a focus, Mackenzie is capable of a number of mystic feats. He can gather energy, then release it in a devastating blast from his hands. He can transform lead into gold, water into wine, and Kraft dinner into Strawberry Shortcake. He could levitate both himself and others, and even used this power and his transformation abilities to turn a VW Beetle into a passable spaceworthy vehicle. He can send his astral form out of his body to perform reconnaissance. He teleported Ududu across thousands of miles of space. Thanks to Kuru's magic, Mackenzie has a life span of a thousand years.

History: Mackenzie Queen was a perfectly normal man eking out a living as a street musician, until the fateful night a strange man asked him to play for him. Mackenzie plated all night, until just after dawn the stranger got up to leave. Before he did though, he gifted Mackenzie with a magical candle and incredible knowledge. Four years later Mackenzie was a rich man, and he bought himself a remote castle far in the wilderness of northern Canada, his closest neighbour a lighthouse keeper some twenty miles away. There, in his isolated new home, he sought to learn the true extent of the powers the candle could grant him.

Four years later he was visited by Madonna and then by Kuru, both agents of the Brotherhood of Balance, alien sorcerers who sought to protect the Earth from the malevolent Ice Men. Kuru also gave him a book to teach him more about his powers. Seconds after Kuru left, another Brotherhood agent arrived, Ududu, the last survivor of a race wiped out by the Ice Men.

The book informed Mackenzie that the Ice Men were hiding behind the moon, and had kidnapped an astronaut from a space shuttle mission, planning to study (read dissect) him. With Ududu the mage set off to the moon inside a VW Beetle. As his powers continued to grow en route, he teleported his ally on ahead, then tapped into the book to learn the true power he could access. Mackenzie came to understand the full extent of his magic, and armed with a magical tuning fork, the ultimate symbol of his magic, he joined Ududu in the Ice Men stronghold. Using the tuning fork, he transformed the Ice Men's psyches, enlightening them and ending their destructive ways. After he had succeeded in his mission to save the Earth, Kuru appeared and revealed that he had been the stranger who first gave Mackenzie access to magic four years earlier. Then he extended Mackenzie's lifespan, stating the human was now one of the Brotherhood and would be assigned to bring balance to the Earth. Kuru also stripped him of the tuning fork, much to his disappointment. Mackenzie returned home, accompanied by Ududu, to begin his new mission.

Comments: Created by Bernie Mireault. Thanks to Mark Shainblum, who published the character's original adventures, for first informing me of this character. Mark described the character as "Canadian mystical guy best defined as a lighthearted Doctor Strange."

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