Real Name: Bob

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Demon fighter

Affiliations: Vampirella

Enemies: Kr_-Gen

Known Relatives: Unnamed father (the previous Eudaemon)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Dark Horse Presents #72-74 (Dark Horse, April 1993-June 1993); Eudaemon

Powers/Abilities: Extremely strong, able to rend other demons limb from limb. Can leap great distances, even when carrying a couple of humans. He appears to be able to open and close portals to other dimensions with a little concentration, using the circular symbol inscribed on his forehead.

History: The Eudaemon is a demon who has turned his back on his fellows and decided to help humanity instead. Allied with the human Ed (who calls him "Bob") he defends humans from the actions of his own kind.

The Eudaemon, Dark Horse Presents #72-74 (April 1993-June 1993). Eudaemon and Ed descend into a hellish dimension to rescue a young girl kidnapped by the demon Kr_-Gen.

Comments: Created by Nelson.

Nathan Genovese informs me that he has teamed up with Vampirella in a one-shot story.

Eudaemon is one of the participants in War of the Independents.


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