Tiger Girl

Real Name: Lily Taylor

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Aerialist

Affiliations: Kitten (Bengal tiger partner), Ed Savage (agent of War Against Arch Villainy), Laughing Boy (circus clown), Titan the Great (strongman)

Enemies: Wolf Hound and his wolf Wolfbane, the Growler, I.N.F.A.M.Y.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Terrific Pussycat

Base of Operations: Dingaling and South Circus, Ralston City

First Appearance: Tiger Girl #1 (Gold Key, 1968)

Powers/Abilities: Possess superhuman strength and agility. She has a telepathic link to Kitten. Her gloves contain deadly claws and a built in projector to project an image of a tiger's head to announce her arrival and distract foes.

History: (Tiger Girl #1, Tiger Girl Combats Wolf Hound) Secretly aeralist Lily Taylor of Dingaling and South Circus, Tiger Girl patrolled Ralston City with her partner, Kitten, a Bengal Tiger, sometimes aiding Ed Savage, top agent of WAAV. Among her foes are the sinister society I.N.F.A.M.Y., the grizzly-like Growler, and Wolf Hound. Her boss Robert South is unaware of her true identity, which she shares only with her fellow performers Laughing Boy and Titan - the latter loves her, but Lily is infatuated (and infuriated) by the handsome but sexist Savage.

Comments: Created by Jerry Siegal and Jack Sparling.

Only one issue of Tiger Girl was published.

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