Tigre Ninja (Ninja Tiger)

Chris' second and current costumeReal Name: Chris Patrick

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Video store owner

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Doutor Paz (Doctor Peace)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Chris' first costumeFirst Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Expert martial artist. Superhuman speed, strength and agility, heightened sense of smell, sight and hearing.

History: When martial arts expert Chris Patrick witnessed a gang brutally attack an innocent couple, he used an improvised costume to disguise himself and came to their aid. Reluctant to become a hero, he was eventually convinced by his friends to take an oath to protect his fellow citizens. Following the trail of Cláudia, a kidnapped friend, led Chris to the city of Muriaé, where the renegade Doutor Paz (Doctor Peace) injected Chris with a mutagenic formula he hoped would create him a feline humanoid slave under his control; it worked, at least in part. Chris gained superhuman powers, but retained his independent mind and defeated Paz. The grateful Cláudia made Chris a new costume, and he became the Tigre Ninja.

Comments: Created by Elvis de Assis.

Micro Hero from Barney's Micro Station, used with permission.

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