Mr Syrius Thrice

Real Name: N.A.

Identity/Class: Robot, possibly of extra-terrestrial origin

Occupation: Butler

Affiliations: Red Star Robinson, the Watcher

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Brickfield, U.K.

First Appearance: Hotspur (D.C.Thomson, 1969-73)

Powers/Abilities: Thrice was incredibly strong and extremely intelligent. He could sense vibrations and energies through his finger tips, and was sensitive and agile enough to be able to open a vault door by locating the tumblers and hitting the door on the right points to unlock them WHILE hanging from the ceiling. He was able to see in the dark by emitting torch beams from his eyes. His right index finger could project a high-intensity laser beam.

History: A robot provided by the mysterious Watcher to help Red Star Robinson, Syrius Thrice was quite capable of acting independently to solve crimes himself. Indeed, in the samples I have of the strip, Red Star is not really the boss of the duo. In the first strip I have, he is easily captured by the villain, while Thrice goes on to rescue his boss, solve the mystery and thwart the evil-doers nefarious plans. I know which one of the two I consider the superhero, and which one the sidekick!

Thrice appears to be of alien origin, as he both successfully recognises an alien Beta-Nine robot on board an extra-terrestrial craft, and is in turn recognised as being a Syrius type robot by the Beta-Nine.

Thrice in AlbionComments: Syrius Thrice makes a cameo in Albion as one of the disassembled robots stored in Penny Dolmann's workshop.


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