The Watch

Membership: (original group) Jack (leader), Adapt, Bones, Fallout, The Fisher, Xenia

(corporation) Jack (leader), Bones, Fallout, Tom GriffonLuc Coltrane, Susan Mathews (deceased), The Texan, Virginia Transom, Adelaide Green

Purpose: To protect Jack Hawkins and further his secret goals

Affiliations: None

Enemies: The Damned, Lucifer, Spider-Bastard, John Grond, Johanson, Abbadon, Entropist, Typhon, Vain, Zero, The Fisher, Hendrick, Dr.Walsley

Base of Operations: Various offices around the world, but the main HQ seems to be in Kingdom City

First Appearance: The Watch (Phospherescent Comics)

History: The Watch started as a group of superhumans gathered by Jack Hawkins to protect him from his unidentified enemies. He told the rest of the group that he had gathered them to defend superhumans in general from the mysterious people who seemed to be attacking them, but this was a lie - Jack only worried about his own skin. After encountering Abbadon, this secret came out. Jack used his powers to kill Xenia, whom he felt he could not allow to fall into the hands of others, then altered the memories of Bones and Fallout to make them believe Xenia had been killed by Abbadon. The Fisher, who had been elsewhere with Adapt on another mission, learned the truth, and swore to kill Jack one day.

The meeting with Abbadon convinced Jack that to win the coming battles, he would need much more power than the current version of the Watch provided him. He spent two years turning the Watch into a multinational Security Firm, hiring out superhumans for a variety of tasks such as bodyguarding, supervillain capture and control, and hostage situations. Where he will take the group from here is as yet unknown.

Comments: Created by Christian Read and Scott Fraser


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