Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Ultronian)

Occupation: GP, formerly shopkeeper

Affiliations: Polarman; Work-Experience Boy

Enemies: Piers Crispin; Miracle Man, Rovi Grubbelddim

Known Relatives: Janet (wife); Apollo "Ollie" (son); Cassandra "Cassie" (daughter); Ella Dawkins (mother-in-law); Stanley Dawkins (father-in-law); Seamus (Thermoman, father); Arnie (Polarman, cousin)

Aliases: George Monday, formerly George Sunday

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: My Hero! Episode 1 "My Hero" (BBC 1, 4th February 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, ability to fly. "He also has the power to erase people's memories (e.g., his helmet fell off, so he had to erase the specific memories of each town member... by putting his finger on their forehead, finding the memories he wants to erase, and erasing it... he then did it to himself while explaining to Janet, and forgets that he's Thermoman...)". He also has some variation of telescopic vision, enabling him to read stuff at great distances. He has an extra male sexual organ (mentioned in Episode 6: The Parties Over.) Has a form of x-ray vision, allowing him to see inside people's bodies (a "perk of the job")

History: George Sunday, mild mannered shopkeeper, is, in reality, an alien from the planet Ultron, gifted with superhuman powers. As Thermoman he protects the world, battling danger and evil whenever it threatens. After saving Janet Dawkins from falling to her death in the Grand Canyon he falls for her. In order to get to know her better, he approaches her as George, but soon has to reveal to her his other identity. In spite of this she falls for him too, and they start a relationship.

George's alien nature means he often reacts to situations very differently from an average person - for example, when one of Janet's family drives over the speed limit, he becomes stressed because he feels he has married into a family of crooks - completely oblivious to the small matter of his own cousin (Polarman) having stolen the Crown Jewels. He recently lost a poker game on Ultron, having foolishly bet his body; he returned to Earth in his new body, and is now posing as George Monday, his wife's new lodger.

Comments: Played by Ardal O'Hanlon for seasons 1-5, and James Drefus for season 6.

Thanks to Miles Allard for providing the additional information about Thermoman's powers, quoted above. Also thanks to Ann Cowell for naming his enemies and some of his relatives, as well as mentioning his telescopic vision and extra ...organ.

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