Real Name: Tegan Jovanka (later married name Chesterton, then Haybourne)

Identity/Class: Normal Human, Australian citizen,

Occupation: Air Hostess (Stewardess, for those from America)

Affiliations: Adric (deceased), the Doctor (4th, 5th and Muldwych incarnations), Nyssa, Vislor Turlough

Enemies: The Cybermen, the Daleks, the Mara, the Master, Terileptils

Known Relatives: Vanessa (aunt, deceased); Andrew Verney (grandfather); Johnny Chess (husband, divorced); Ian Chesterton (father-in-law); Barbara Chesterton (mother-in-law); ? Haybourne (second (?) husband)

Aliases: "Mouth on legs" (affectionate description)

Base of Operations: Earth

formerly the TARDIS

First Appearance: Logopolis



Comments: Portrayed by Janet Fielding

Sian Pattendan as the young TeganPortrayed by Sian Pattendan, as a child in Mawdryn Undead

Profile by Darc_Light, with minor additions by Loki.


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