The TARDIS is the Doctor's space-time craft. The letters stand for "Time and Relative Dimension in Space", a name thought up by Susan, the Other's grand-daughter, back in the Old Time on Gallifrey. The Doctor's ship is an antiquated Type 40, which suffers from many malfunctions. Theoretically the Doctor can pilot it anywhere in time and space, although he isn't known for his accurate piloting most of the time. The Doctor shares a telepathic bond with his ship, and often refers to her as "Old Girl". He sometimes suspects his piloting problems are down to the semi-sentient ship ignoring his instructions and going where she feels like going.

The TARDIS comes equipped with a Chameleon Circuit, which should disguise the ship as something inconspicuous whenever it lands somewhere new. However the Chameleon Circuit broke just after the Doctor landed in 1963 London, leaving the ship in the space of a Police Telephone Box (used by constables to call for help in the days before portable radios and mobile phones); the Doctor has attempted to fix the circuit on occasion, but generally isn't too bothered by this particular fault. Like all TARDIS, the Doctor's draws power from a captive black hole kept on Gallifrey, the so-called Eye of Harmony. Should the ship's direct link (also called the Eye of Harmony) to this source be opened unshielded then the planet the TARDIS is on will be torn apart by the conflicting gravitational sources at the stroke of midnight (when the planet's native sun is on the exact opposite side of the planet from where the Eye is).

The interior of the ship is actually located in another dimension from the exterior, making the ship much bigger inside than the outer appearance would suggest. Because this outer appearance is merely a mathematical construct, a door to another universe, it is nearly invulnerable under normal circumstances, and the inside of the TARDIS can be disconnected from the exterior to prevent gravity or other outside forces from affecting the interior. The ship travels by dematerialising its outer shell from the universe it is in, and then reopening (rematerialising) a new exit at the point the pilot wishes to reach.

Other forms of transport the Doctor has commonly used.

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