Super President

Real Name: James Norcross

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: President of the United States

Affiliations: Jerry Sayles (advisor and confidante)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: The White House

First Appearance: Super President (DePatie-Freleng for NBC, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Super President could alter his molecular structure and transform his body into various elements or compounds. He would become steel to bounce bullets off his chest for example.  Other examples of things he became include acid, water, gas, ozone, granite and electricity. No matter what form he was in, he was also extremely strong. He wears jets on his belt that allow him to fly.

History: After being stuck in a cosmic storm, James Norcross gained superhuman powers. Either some time before this, or some time after, he was also elected to the office of President of the United States. Deciding to use his superpowers to defend the Earth, he created the cunning secret identity of Super President (yeah, like no one will see through that one!). Telling only his good friend Jerry Sayles of his double identity, he operated out of a hidden base underneath the White House (although it wasn't called that, just "The Presidential Mansion", and it had undergone a few futuristic upgrades, there was no question of where it was meant to be), sneaking out a hidden exit in the Oval Office and then nipping off to battle crime in the Omnicar, a heavily armed flying machine / submarine he had parked down there.

Comments: Super President was voiced by Paul Free.

Super President shared his show with "Spy Shadow". The half hour show was split into one Spy Shadow cartoon bookended with two episodes of Super President. There were 30 episodes in total:

  1. The Great Vegetable Disintegrator

  2. The Billion Dollar Bomber

  3. The Electronic Spy

  4. Day of the Locusts

  5. The Case of the Destroyer Satellite

  6. King of the Sea

  7. The U.F.O. Mystery

  8. No Time Passes

  9. Man of Steel

  10. The Earth Robber

  11. Monster of the Atoll

  12. Return of the Vikings

  13. The Cosmic Gladiators

  14. The Condor's Eye

  15. The President and the Pirate

  16. Interplanetary Menace

  17. Red Ray Raider

  18. The Treachery of Jerry Sales

  19. Rangled Terrors

  20. Dound and Doom

  21. Spears from Space

  22. Toys of Death

  23. Birds of Terror

  24. The Menace of the Moles

  25. The Chameleon

  26. The Gravity Destroyer

  27. Ice Invader

  28. Electronic Giant

  29. Time Crimes

  30. A Million Years of Menace


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