Spy Shadow

Real Name: Richard Vance

Identity/Class: Human with psychic powers (maybe)

Occupation: Detective / spy

Affiliations: Interpsy

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Spy Shadow

Powers/Abilities: The shadow can move through the tiniest cracks, unable to be injured by physical attack, but able to touch matter when it wants to. It cannot operate in darkness however.

History: Interspy employee Richard Vance unerwent training with a Tibetan mystic, and learned "the Power of Concentration", enabling him to release his inner self into his shadow, granting it an independent existence under his control. With it's assistance he becomes one of the company's top operatives.

Comments: The shadow's voice was provided by Ted Cassidy, but I'm not sure if he also lent his talents to Vance too.

Spy Shadow shared his show with Super President. The half hour show was split into one Spy Shadow cartoon bookended with two episodes of Super President. There were 15 episodes in total:

  1. The Kilowatt Killer Caper

  2. The Brain Drain Game

  3. The Egyptian Rat-Trap Flap

  4. The Great Trainload of Robbers

  5. Evila the Terrible

  6. Close Shave in Burma

  7. Desert Dilemma

  8. The Mystery Rustler Caper

  9. The Aurora Borealis Business

  10. The Guns of Tititcaca

  11. Contraband Caper

  12. The Case of the Treacherous Tugboat

  13. Dead-End Express

  14. Bandit Gambit

  15. The Big Bounty


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