Super Teech

Real Name: Professor Arnold McFudpucker

Identity/Class: Mystically-Enhanced Human

Occupation: University Professor

Affiliations: partner of Rupert

Enemies: Wanda the Wicked West Whickam Whip Woman and her army of malcontents.

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: St. Nana’s School, Downtown Teddingtown, Middlesex, England

First Appearance: The Benny Hill Show (January 5th, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Super Teech doesn’t seem to have any superhuman powers except for great courage, fighting skills and a wily mind. He fools guards to think he has women in his cell by displaying ladies’ underwear on his cell door and he incapacitates some other guards by disguising his ankle weights as soccer balls, which they try to kick, resulting in them smashing their toes. When he grins, a light bounces off his steely grin. He is easily distracted when Rupert is in danger though.

History: Professor Arnold McFudpucker was one of the professors at low-achieving St. Nana’s School in England where he often groused about malfunctioning coffee machines that added soup elements to his drinks and the burlesque answers of his students (relax is dark chocolate, a lagoon is a French idiot). However, to felons, to criminals and the usurpers of freedom, he was Super Teech. Whenever trouble reared its head, he dashed off to the campus outhouse and was struck by lightning to become the heroic and dashing Super Teech, complete in blue bodysuit with red shorts and boots, red graduation robe and cap and red-bordered yellow tie with a red “S” and “T.” When the evil Wanda the Wicked West Whickam Whip Woman impersonating an old woman kidnapped Princess Jasmine (who was attending his school), he rushed into action accompanied by Rupert, his elderly and simple-minded chum, who also raced to the outhouse and a toilet flush later emerged in a gold schoolboy uniform. Together, they invaded Wanda’s estate, The Grange in Dimton, patrolled by scantly clad ladies and goose-stepping soldiers but were captured and forced to use their insane wits and a lot of good luck to rescue Jasmine. Meanwhile, King Mustafa offered £5 million for information leading to his daughter’s release and all the teachers at St. Nana’s School rushed to save her. By now, Super Teech was riding a bike into campus believing he had smuggled Jasmine out to freedom in a carpet after losing Rupert, but as he unrolled the carpet, he discoverd it was Rupert within and that he had misplaced the Princess Jasmine!

Comments: Super Teech was a one-time sketch on the long-running and highly rated “Benny Hill Show” (Syndicated, 1969-1989). Benny Hill played Super Teech with Jackie Wright as Rupert, Louise English as Princess Jasmine, and Allison Bell as Wanda the Wicked West Whickam Whip Woman. In the sketch she wore the same leather bustier she wore as the She Hulk in Benny’s spoof of the American TV Series “The Incredible Hulk” (1979-1982). Also see Wonder Gran for another Benny Hill inspired superhero.

In the U.S. the sketch can be found on “The Benny Hill Show Video Follies” VHS tape distributed by HBO Video. The complete 1983 show from which it originated is on A&E Video's "Complete & Unadulterated: The Hill's Angels Years - Set 5: 1982-1985."

Profile by Thor2000. Thanks also to Mike Price for correcting the spelling of Super Teech, and providing the name of the actress who played Princess Jasmine. Thanks to William Brown for informing me that about the A&E Video release, and for corrections.

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