Super-Girl Sandra

Real Name: Sandra

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Mercurian) magic user (?).

Occupation: Researcher of alien planets (i.e. Earth)

Affiliations: Claire Conway (best friend)

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Berthold (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified UK town

First Appearance: Princess Tina (8th March 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Full extent unknown, but introduced as: “Sandra the girl from Mercury who can make almost everything happen” with “She brings to Earth a Touch of Mercury Magic”. Her powers are consistently described as magic, but seem very different from those shown by various fictional wizards. Her powers seem to be more or less typical for her race, as her brother seemed to have the same abilities and Sandra considers her powers as normal.

Depicted uses of her powers include, but are not limited to: teleportation of herself and Claire (maximum distance unknown, but more than 1 light-second and less than 1.0 ± 0.4 Astronomical Unit, as she cannot teleport from planet to planet) and telepsimathy (like teleportation but just moving cargo, not the gifted person); becoming invisible; making other people transparent; shrinking and growing of herself, people and objects; exchanging real clothing with clothing in a picture; making a dodo appear; reading, modifying and influencing minds, memories and intentions of other beings; instantaneously changing clothes; telekinesis; changing voices; causing weather changes; making fluids disappear; giving people new abilities; providing life support in a hostile environment like the surface of Earth’s moon. Her magical powers can be exhausted for a day, which leaves her still an extremely athletic and agile girl by human standards.

History: Sandra was a girl from Mercury. She came to Earth to study the conditions here. She became friends with Claire Conway. She had numerous adventures, some of which made Earth a slightly better place, but she came as a researcher, (anthropologist-like), not as a superhero, researched and after some time she went back home.

Comments: Thanks to Theodoor Westerhof for providing information on Sandra. He notes "Super-Girl Sandra was published in colour in the Dutch girl comic Tina, as Sandra, “het Meisje van Mercurius”(The Girl from Mercury) and the slogan (in Dutch) With her magic power she does miracles on Earth, until the “she had to go home”-story in #14 of 1971, (that was back in the good old time when girl comics just had comic stories and make yourself clothes). The names of the main girls were not changed for this translation. And thanks to Steve Holland for the information about Princess Tina."

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