Real Name: Keenan King

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Scientist

Affiliations: Robert "Bob" Trent (scientist)

Enemies: Dr. Du Mar (mad scientist)

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: United States of America.

First Appearance: Streamline Comics #1 (Cardal Publishing Co, 1947-??; four issues)

Powers/Abilities: "The fastest fighter in the world" - superspeed in other words. He's fast enough to put a fire out by waving his hands in its direction. He regenerates injuries; when shot by an energy beam which the villain thinks has killed him as he states "You will trouble me no more", "minutes later Streamline's magnificent body recovers" and he gets up.

History: When the 21st National Bank begins to burn down, scientist Keenan King is nearby and is suspicious of the fire's origins. Returning to his laboratory, he injects himself with Elixir X, a new drug he has spent eighteen months perfecting, transforming himself into the fastest man alive. He decides to become a crimefighter, and starts by eliminating the bank robbers who have been setting the fires. Later foes include the mad scientist Dr. Du Mar, who planned to destroy the House of Commons with Atomic Rays.

Comments: A complete comic book drawn by Denis Gifford over a weekend while he was in the RAF (AC1 Clerk/Pay Accounts). It ran to four monthly issues. Bryan Berry did at least one of the later covers.

Streamline as he appeared in Zenith, Phase 3.Revived by Grant Morrison for Zenith Phase Three, Streamline proved to be a traitor and was killed by DJ Chill.

Major thanks to Dennis Ray for additional information on Streamline.


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