Spring-Heeled Jill

Real Name: Jillian Smith

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Typist at Ravell Roe police station

Affiliations: Constable John Brown

Enemies: Criminals of old London

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, c.1880s.

First Appearance: Debbie (D.C.Thomson)

Powers/Abilities: Jill's costume included clawed gloves and socks which facilitated climbing, and a mask which enhanced her senses, notably sight and hearing, to superhuman levels. She appeared either able to fly or to make prodigious leaps.

History: Despite her outward appearance as a meek typist for the policemen of Ravell Roe station, Jillian Smith was secretly the costumed crimefighter Spring-Heeled Jill, scourge of criminals in Victorian London.

Comments: Spring-Heeled Jill was a female version of Spring-Heeled Jackson, not only borrowing his schtick, but also his place of work and some of his supporting cast, notably the grumpy Sergeant Drew; even her profession, typist, was similar to his, clerk, only modified slightly to take into account her gender and the era her tales were set in, the late Victorian period. Her costume, which mainly consisted of a bare-legged, form-fitting leotard, would be considered revealing by today's standards, but positively scandalous in Victorian times.

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