Real Name: Narya

Identity/Class: Demi-god

Occupation: RCMP Officer



Known Relatives: Richard Easton (father), Nelvanna (mother)

Aliases: Anne McKenzie Thompson

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #120; Alpha Flight



Comments: Created by John Byrne.

Mike Murphy informs me that "John Byrne named Snowbird's human ID after Canadian singer Ann Murray and her code-name was taken from Ann Murray's song 'Snowbird.'.

The original Snowbird appeared in John Byrne's college newspaper (The Emery Weal) strip, Gay Guy. She was an anti-fur trade activist/serial killer using her guise as a member of RCMP to slay trappers. PETA on gunpowder, yup." and he's even very kindly supplied me with scans of Byrne's early work on that strip. They are too large to put on this page, so I've put the first part here.


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