Gay Guy

Real Name: Gaylord Le Guye

Identity/Class: Normal (?) human

Occupation: Beautician

Affiliations: Chief Znurn; Snurdley

Enemies: Ruby the Dyke; Charisma; Snowbird

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (deceased)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Mr.Gaylord's Beauty Salon

First Appearance: The Emery Weal (8th October 1971)

Powers/Abilities:As well as being extremely smart, Gay Guy carries a utility purse containing various gadgets. He also appears to know he is in a comic strip, and is capable of using this to his advantage - for example he manages to hit someone across the room by realising where they will be standing in the next panel and elbowing out the side of the panel he is in to connect with their head (see left). He also uses the pointed end of a word balloon to pick a lock in another strip.

History: One night young Gaylord Le Guye was walking home from a movie when notorious female criminal Ruby the Dyke accosts him, stealing his lollipop. The tearful young lad thinks to himself "That lady was nasty! Ergo all ladies are nasty!" That night he swears an oath by his bedside. "I swear by the spirit of my poor lollipop that I shall spend my life fighting evil!!" Years later, using the inheritance from his parents (who were also knocked off by bad guys - but that, as the strip says, is another story [Batman's]) he sets himself up in business as a top hairstylist and prepares to fulfill his youthful pledge. "Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot, so my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts! I must become a creature of the night!" As he is trying to decide, a small creature flutters through the window (see right), a butterfly. And thus is born the queer figure of the dark, the avenger of evil, the Gay Guy!

Comments: Created by John Byrne. This was some of his earliest work, done for his college newspaper, The Emery Weal. Byrne did 13 episodes of the story, pitting Gay Guy first against Charisma, and then setting up for the battle against Snowbird (which didn't happen before Byrne finished on the strip). Nowadays it would probably be considered tremendously politically incorrect.

Gay Guy worked with Chief Znurn of the police, who would contact him on the Fay Fone. His base was hidden under Mr Gaylord's Beauty Salon, and included a secret exit for the Homobile to drive out of.

The schtick of making use of the fact you are in a comic strip would be re-used by Byrne for his run on the She-Hulk.

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