Real Name: Smasher

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Engine of destruction

Affiliations: Kubala, Latrumbo, Martin Cuthbertson, Dr. Doom

Enemies: Glasgow Harry, Red Raglan, Ferret

Known Relatives: Kubala (creator)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Victor (D.C. Thomson, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Extremely large (Kubala's: 8 foot tall; Doom's: 25 foot), virtually invulnerable, robot with incredible strength.

History: After losing out on a contract to construct Africa's Kabinda Dam, embittered engineer Kubala built the Smasher, a remote-controlled eight-foot high robot, to sabotage the winning bid's efforts. Construction foreman Glasgow Harry fought to stop the machine's rampage, eventually exposing Kubala's involvement. Eventually slaying its master, the robot, now lacking commands to obey, sank into deep mud and Harry believed its threat forever ended. However, a few years later the African National Construction Company's Mr. Latrumbo managed to reactivate the Smasher, and used it to destroy both the dam and Harry's new project, the Kwbala Suspension Bridge. Despite even a small nuclear device proving insufficient to stop the Smasher, its rampage was again finally ended,. The robot was eventually transferred to New York to be part of a space exhibition, where it was again reactivated, this time by angry scientist Martin Cuthbertson, hoping to avenge himself for having his theories ridiculed. The Smasher ultimately killed Cuthbertson, and with Harry's assistance, the robot was deactivated again, and then launched into orbit to prevent it ever again being used for evil.

A new, larger version of the Smasher (apparently not the original retrieved) was later built by Dr. Doom, and sent to attack various cities worldwide, but was thwarted by Red Raglan and his pal Ferret.

Comments: Dr. Doom should not be confused with Marvel's Dr. Doom.


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