Real Name: Samuel C. Slade

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Robo-Hunter

Affiliations: Hoagy (robotic sidekick, idiot); Stogie (robotic cigar), Kidd, Boots 215999, Smoking Joe 1, Cutie

Enemies: God-Droid, Big Brain, Teeny-Meks

Known Relatives: Samantha Slade (granddaughter), unidentified daughter

Aliases: FL6, Gran Ogden

Base of Operations: Brit Cit

First Appearance: 2000A.D. #76 (IPC, 5th August 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Excellent shot, and capable detective. Mainly he gets by through simple persistence. When Sam was killed he managed to come back to life in a bizarre case that involved merging his ghostly spirit with his own clone. Currently he's a head in a jar.

History: Sam Slade was an aging robo-hunter, a man who specialised in dealing with rogue robots. After 40 years in the business he was one of Earth's most experienced hunters, able to spot human-looking robots that would fool almost anyone else, a skill which made him the best man for a most difficult job. The International Space Commission offered him a choice: be shot in the head or go to the planet Verdus, a planet where robots had been sent on ahead to prepare it for human colonists, and find out why nothing had been heard from those human colonists since they went there 30 years ago. Sam took the latter option. En route to Verdus he was de-aged by 35 years thanks to sabotage which exposed him to time dilation, returning him to his 25 year old prime. Discovering that thanks to some faulty logic the Verdus robots had imprisoned the colonists, Sam eventually destroyed every robot on the planet. Returning to Earth he stopped the God-Droid's plot to replace city leaders with robot duplicates, before somewhat reluctantly relocating to Brit Cit, and further adventures.

Comments: Created by John Wagner (as T.B.Grover) and Jose Luis Ferrer.

Thanks to Foss for reminding me about Stogie, Sam's talking cigar.


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