Real Name: Jim Kidd

Identity/Class: Temporally altered human

Occupation: Detective, former actor, starship pilot

Affiliations: Sam Slade

Enemies: Big Brain, Orson Cart

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother

Aliases: Our Kid

Base of Operations: Brit Cit

First Appearance: 2000 A.D. Prog #77 (IPC, 12th August 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Excellent pilot (though now too small to reach all the controls properly), good with a blaster. Stuck in a one-year old body.

History: Top pilot Commander Jim Kidd sassed an admiral, and thus got the unenviable job of transporting aging robo-hunter Sam Slade to the planet Verdus. Unfortunately for Kidd, his employers, the International Space Commission, wanted 60 year old Slade to be in his prime, and so they sabotaged the ship's shields, so that when Kidd initiated the ship's faster-than-light Flectron drive, they went through the light barrier unprotected. Slade was deaged by 35 years, back to his mid-twenties. Kidd was similarly de-aged...but since he'd only been 36 to begin with, he ended up as a baby. Unsurprisingly unamused, the already ascerbic and foul-mouthed Kidd became Slade's reluctant partner for the duration of the Verdus mission. After returning to Earth he was unable to continue with his original profession, so he carved himself a new one as a child actor, soon discovering that he wasn't aging; the discovery that he might be stuck as a one-year old forever left him in an even more foul mood. He became a millionaire, and by age 39 was starring in Brit Cit's top soap opera, Space Family Ogden, playing the youngest member of the Ogden family, the genius "Our Kid." However, his far from winning personality soon had him wracking up enemies - his rudeness and limelight-hogging ways on set alienated his co-stars, his understudy Orson Cart coveted Kidd's job, and when Kidd's mother's body was crushed by a truck, Kidd chose to have her head grafted to a gibbon rather than pay for a more expensive robotic body for her, leading all of them to form a conspiracy to murder him. After a couple of failed attempts on his life Kidd hired Slade, who soon uncovered the conspiracy and captured the culprits. Space Family Ogden was cancelled thanks to the ensuing scandal, and Kidd's popularity nose-dived; eventually, when crowds booed him at the opening of a hypermarket, he cracked and opened fire. Though he got off on a plea of temporary insanity, he lost his entire fortune paying out compensation to his victims. Broke, he set up the Kidd Detective Agency in offices opposite Slade's, directly competing with Sam.

Kidd before being de-aged.Comments: Created by John Wagner (as T.B.Grover) and Jose Luis Ferrer.


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