Real Name: Skuld

Identity/Class: Goddess

Occupation: Goddess and debugger of a cosmic mainframe

Affiliations: Yggdrasil system, Morisato Keiichi, Urd, Belldandy

Enemies: Mara (demon)

Known Relatives: Urd, Belldandy (elder sisters)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Abandoned Buddhist temple in Tokyo

First Appearance: Ah Megami-sama #3 (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Goddesses would have unlimited powers but for various factors; Yggdrasil has crashed in numerous occasions and has had to concentrate most of it's power to keep the universe together at various times. Keiichi created moonstone bracelets that lets the goddesses to use more of their powers but that is still of limited use.

Still, the goddesses have various abilities aside from their personal specialities and limitations (or possibly preferences) in teleport. They can speak with animals, tap into electronics (their magical language sometimes sounds like modem noise), use various items (that are, in effect, magical versions of quantum phenomena), split themselves into small multiple copies and create magical mandalas for greater power.

Skuld is a youngest of the goddesses and is just coming to know the extent of her true powers. In effect, she is a gadgeteer who can build almost anything. That has included various weird gadgets only she thinks as useful and Bampei, a guard robot of their temple. Skuld carries a hammer, which she uses to debug Yggdrasil, basically by chasing the bugs down (they resemble six-legged rabbits), and then pounding on them. She teleports through bodies of water - anything from lakes to bathtubs to coffee cups.

Skuld debuggingHistory: The youngest of the three sister goddesses charged with ensuring the smooth running of Yggdrasil, when her older sisters became stuck on Earth, Skuld followed them to the mortal realm. Quite who is now making sure the entire system (and the universe with it) doesn't collapse, I don't know.

Comments: Created by Fujishima Kousuke.

Skuld is based on the Norn of the same name, one of the three Nordic fates. In mythology, Skuld is the goddess in charge of the future, just as this Skuld is in the manga.

Much of the above profile was provided by Vesa Lehtinen.


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