Membership: Sammy Brewster (Ski-Boarder 1); Billy "Blinkers" Brennan (Ski-Boarder 2); Angus Bull (Ski-Boarder 3); Sheila Brewster (Ski-Boarder 4)

Purpose: To fight crime

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Joe Bunton (nosey reporter)

Base of Operations: The Lake District, England

First Appearance: Buster and Jet

History: School boy Billy Brennan was a wizard at mechanics, and designed some power skis out of old lawnmower engines and wood for his chums to help the local village police catch criminals (the local bobby being Sammy's dad). The Ski's allowed the group to fly for short periods of time, with stability and direction controlled by flaps cunningly concealed within their jackets. They wore numbered hoods to protect their identities, and carried ink-jet pistols that could blind opponents temporarily.


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