Six Million Dollar Gran

Real Name: N.A.

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Babysitter, agent of WASP

Affiliations: Professor Peter Potts, Pete Potts, Pauline Potts, W.A.S.P., Gran's Gang

Enemies: Spies

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Robot Granny

Base of Operations: Potts' family home

First Appearance: Cheeky #1 (IPC, 22 October 1977-80); Whoopee! (1980-85)

Powers/Abilities: Super strong (able to run and jump the height of a bus while carrying a taxi), able to leap over thirty feet, telescopic vision powerful enough to not only spot a UFO in orbit but to clearly see the passengers inside

History: The Six Million Dollar Gran was a robot disguised as an old lady. Built by Professor Peter Potts for the World Authority for Scientific Projects (WASP), the Professor hid the robot at his home after spies tried to steal it. Thereafter it acted as a super grandmother to his children Pete and Pauline.

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