Real Name: ? Keaton





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Armor #2; Revengers


History: The Keaton family lived in a small Canadian town, until it was all but wiped out by an unprovoked attack by a number of alien spaceships. The three Keaton children (one sister and two brothers) were among the handful of survivors, all of whom were then kidnapped by the aliens to be used as slaves. One of the boys was trained to be a miner, gaining the new name  SilverStreak,. Some years after his adbuction he encountered a slave who was trained as a warrior (Armor), who turned out to be his missing brother, Jack. He and SilverStreak led a slaves revolt. Eventually Armor faced off against the leader of the aliens, Rage, only to suffer terrible injuries that left him at the point of death. SilverStreak managed to rescue them both, and they escaped, eventually making their way back to Earth.

Back on Earth Armor found himself unable to adjust to a normal human life, and feeling the need for combat, started taking on criminals, with SilverStreak forced to come along for the ride. An encounter with Megalith led to the founding of the Revengers, cementing this new role as superheroes. Not long afterwards the aliens sent assassins to kill them, one of whom turned out to be their sister (ScarletStreak), whom the two men had believed to be dead.



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