Real Name: Jack Keaton

Identity/Class: Human, highly trained and equipped with extra-terrestrial armour.

Occupation: Former warrior and assassin for his alien masters; later superhero

Affiliations: Partner of Silverstreak; ally of Megalith, member of the Revengers

Enemies: Rage

Known Relatives: Silverstreak (brother); ScarletStreak (sister)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Armor #1; Revengers

Powers/Abilities: Armor has been trained in a wide array of non-terrestrial martial arts, military strategy, and is preternaturally swift, tough, and agile. His nome de guerre, Armor, comes not only from his innate stubbornness and near indomitability, but the the fact that each piece of his armor comes apart to form a different weapon should the need arise.

History: Jack Keaton lived in a small Canadian town, until it was all but wiped out by an unprovoked attack by a number of alien spaceships. Jack and his brother and sister were among the handful of survivors, all of whom were then kidnapped by the aliens to be used as slaves. Jack was renamed Armor, and trained to be a warrior for his new masters, ranking as one of their best (a Ten). Some time later his masters sent him on a training mission, where he came into conflict with a miner, named SilverStreak, who turned out to be his missing brother. Armor refused to hurt his sibling, and shortly afterwards he and SilverStreak led a slaves revolt. Eventually he faced off against the leader of the aliens, Rage - he killed his opponent, but suffered terrible injuries that left him at the point of death. SilverStreak managed to rescue him, and they escaped, eventually making their way back to Earth.

Back on Earth Armor found himself unable to adjust to a normal human life, and feeling the need for combat, started taking on criminals. An encounter with Megalith led to the founding of the Revengers, cementing his new role as a superhero. Not long afterwards the aliens sent assassins to kill him, one of whom turned out to be his sister (ScarletStreak), whom he and SilverStreak had believed to be dead.

Comments: Armor seems to be a fairly impetuous individual, rushing in to combat without fully preparing for the situation first, and often leaving SilverStreak to come in afterwards and rescue him.

Mike Murphy informs me "Armor did indeed kill Rage, but Continuity skipped over the final confrontation (it was slated for a never produced vanity edition graphic novel) and proceeded to tell stories set well after the brothers' return to Earth and their teaming with Megalith." He also listed Armor's powers. Many thanks.


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