Sideways Bob

Real Name: Unknown





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: DV8


History: Sideways Bob (for this is how he demands to be known, and nobody argues) is a formidable IO security expert, attached to Ivana’s operation to keep the penthouse secure from enemy attack - and, if necessary, to keep DV8 in it.

Bob’s pushing fifty, a grizzled horrible ugly sod with no hair and a glass eye. As an acknowledged expert in all fields of vice, crime and disgusting things, he becomes something of an advisor to the young members of DV8 as they encounter things they cannot understand or cope with in the outside world. No matter how depraved or horrific the subject matter, Bob knows about these things. He is the closest thing to a father figure these kids have.

Which is a shame, because he’s a psychopathic gun freak whose longest social relationship has been with the severed head of a shop window dummy that’s had tomato ketchup daubed over the “stump” and which he calls “Lucille.”



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