Real Name: Miguel Angel Santiago

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Government operative

Affiliations: Alpha Korps

Enemies: Empress Loabana of the Ku'urza Empire

Known Relatives: None (see comments)

Aliases: Slim

Base of Operations: San Francisco, CA., USA.

First Appearance: Premiere #2 (Diversity Comics)

Powers/Abilities: He has the ability to produce highly effective explosive objects - mainly spheres! He can send them at his opponents direction at high rate of speeds with great accuracy and severe results!

History: Sfere is assigned, and falls within Alpha Team’s Operational Template.

Comments: Created by Tony Lopez, who also provided most of the information on this page.

In one scene, during down time, Sfere talks on the phone to a loved one, and tells them he is looking forward to seeing "you and the boys" that weekend. This might be a spouse and his children, but it might conceivably be an unmarried partner and their kids, a parent and his younger siblings, etc., especially as he and Hover are romantically involved (and she knows his true identity, so it's presumably not a case of being unaware of Sfere's marital status).


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