Alpha Korps

Membership: Colonel Timothy "Ace" Watson; Gibralton; Hover; Kloak; Psybina; Sfere; Tracer

Purpose: The security of the United States and North America and to defend and protect the same from alien or outside aggression/attacks.

Affiliations: The Group

Enemies: Empress Loabana of the Ku'urza Empire

Base of Operations: San Francisco, CA., USA.

First Appearance: Premiere #2 (Diversity Comics)

History: After the end of the Cold War, there was a necessity for a weapon or a force capable of defending not only the United States of America, but also a force that would be available to protect and defend Earth from alien invaders! A U.S. Army Special Operations Colonel (Ret.), Tim "Ace" Watson, was chosen to select, train, and lead this new force. Their code name: Alpha Korps! To get a group capable of intimidating or discouraging off-world aggressors, Col. Ace spent five long years, screening the best candidates who manifested signs of possessing the Nucleonic-Anomaly. This rare genetic trait is only found in one in every few million people and typically endows the individual with mutant-like powers, but it requires that the recipient undergo great mental and physical exhaustion - even beyond normal human endurance - before this rare genetic trait manifests itself! Thus Alpha Korps was born!

Comments: Created by Tony Lopez, who also provided most of the information on this page.

Alpha Korps' higher HQ is the Group, a para-military organization responsible for the security of the United States and North America - there is a sister unit northeast of London, England, with the same responsibilities but, of course, for the European Theater of Operations. The Group is HQed in San Francisco, California.

AK #2-3 apparently explains why the Empress feels the way she does about Colonel Ace and Alpha Korps. After the first issue was published by Diversity Comics, I am informed that the rest of the series (four issues, including a re-issue of the first) will be coming from Anubis Vampeer Productions (AVP) in the near future. Details on their website.

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