Real Name: Brigit

Identity/Class: Dragon

Occupation: Former crime lord, information broker

Affiliations: Southern Knights (especially Dragon), Synergy, formerly Viper

Enemies: The Southern Knights

Known Relatives: Tromjir (mate, deceased), Schom (son, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Atlanta, Georgia

First Appearance: Southern Knights #4

Powers/Abilities: Serpent is a dragon with the ability to assume a human form. In her true form she has great size and strength, and can breathe fire.

History: Serpent is a dragon whose story parallel’s Dragon’s; her family were slain by humans, but rather than move on as Dragon did she formed the worldwide criminal organization Viper in order to exact her revenge on humankind. When she learned she wasn’t the last dragon after all, she left Viper to ponder what to do with herself. Eventually she founded an information brokerage with the similarly directionless Synergy as her field agents.

Comments: Created by David Anthony Kraft.

Thanks to David Anderson for the above profile.

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