Membership: 4 unidentified sisters

Purpose: Intelligence operatives, formerly hunting Joseph Mengele

Affiliations: Southern Knights, Serpent

Enemies: Joseph Mengele

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Southern Knights #11

History: The members of Synergy are four German sisters whose mother was experimented upon by Joseph Mengele, a Nazi scientist. His experiments created their telepathic bond, allowing them to tap into each others’ perceptions to coordinate attacks in the heat of battle, and they trained to become proficient martial artists and dedicated themselves to bringing Mengele to justice. Although they battled the Knights the first time the two teams met, in their next encounter Synergy explained themselves and the teams and became allies. After finding that Mengele had died of old age before they could locate him, Synergy were left without a purpose in life until Serpent approached them about becoming her agents in an information-gathering organization.

Comments: Created by David Anthony Kraft.

Thanks to David Anderson for the above profile.

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