The Sentinel

Real Name: James Ellison

Identity/Class: Human mutant / throwback

Occupation: Police detective, former Army Special Forces

Affiliations: Blair Sandburg, Captain Simon Banks, Jack Pendergrast (former partner), Sam Holland (army buddy), Megan Connor

Enemies: Switchman (terrorist bomber),Garrett Kincaid, Tommy Juno (sniper and cop killer), the White Aryan Resistance, Dawson Quinn, Ho Ng (Chinese gangster), Dan Freeman

Known Relatives: Rucker Ellison (cousin)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cascade, Washington

First Appearance: The Sentinel #1 "The Switchman" (UPN, 20th March 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Enhanced senses - able to see people in shadows from two hundred yards, hear the music from the radio of the car that he's chasing after he's lost sight of it, and distinguish wood from plastic after a 3000 degree fire, etc.

History: Jim Ellison was with the U.S. Army's Special Forces when the plane his unit was on crashed in the Peruvian jungle. Jim was the only survivor, and he probably would have died too if it hadn't been for the help of the Chopec tribe, local inhabitants who taught him to use his senses to their utmost. This allowed him to forage and hunt, and for two years he survived in this manner until he made it back to civilisation, where his senses faded back to normal levels.

Five years after his return from the jungles of Peru, and Jim Ellison had become a police detective in Cascade, Washington. Then his enhanced perceptions returned with a vengeance. He sought advice from local anthropology student Blair Sandburg, who theorised that Ellison was a "Sentinel", a throwback to ancient times when such people were protectors and hunters in their villages. Sandburg taught Ellison more about his powers while the cop secretly used his abilities to fight crime.

Comments: Created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo. The Sentinel debuted in 1996. Jim Ellison was played by Richard Burgi, Blair Sandburg by Garrett Maggart. The show lasted until 1999, a total of sixty-five episodes.

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