Real Name: Marcus Langston





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Youngblood

Powers/Abilities: Sentinel's fusion-powered, computer enhanced exo-skeleton gives him both increased strength and speed, as well as the power of flight. The suit runs off a miniature fusion generator surgically implanted in Sentinel's chest. In addition the suit's amplified strength, speed and flight capabilities, the exo-armor also has wrist blasters and a force field generator.

History: Marcus Langston's involvement with the Youngblood program dates back to its very beginnings, when he was contracted by the government to design an exo-skeleton for use by the military during wartime. The suits were to give their weapons amplified strength and speed, as well as the power of flight and some and some energy discharge power. However, as he realized the awesome potential of his first exo-skeleton, Langston decided that he wanted to keep the prototype for himself, designing it so that it could only be honed by him. Langston later renegotiated his deal with the government to continue development of the exo-skeletons under the condition that he was able to keep the prototype armor. Later, the government began to push for an elite squad to be built around Langston and his exo-armor and the Youngblood program was conceived, with Sentinel as the very first member.

In addition to being a world renowned scientist, Sentinel is also a fiercely patriotic individual, a symbol of liberty among some disparate members of the team. More than anyone else, he's the heart of the Youngblood program and under Sentinel's leadership the Youngblood program has thrived, spawning two separate teams: Youngblood (the domestic team headed by Shaft) and Team Youngblood (the international arm of the operation, headed by Sentinel).



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