Publisher: IPC

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: 12th February 1972

Last Issue: 10th October 1973

Absorbed: None

Absorbed into: Tammy

Strips: All Against Alice, The Amazing Miss Birch, Angela Angel-Face, Anna and the Circus, Anna's Forbidden Friend, Anne of a Thousand Sorrows, Barbara and the Ballet of the Beautiful, Bridie at the Fair, Bonnie's Butler, Brenda's Brownies, The Captives of Madam Karma, Captives of Terror Island, Cherry in Chains, Cinderella Superstar, Connie Courageous, Dancing to Danger, Dawn at Dead-End Street, Fiona and the Fighting Finsters, Friends and Neighbours, The Golden Shark, The House of Toys, Isla and the Ice Maiden, It All Depends on Diane, Jeannie and her Uncle "Meanie," Lindy and the last Lilliputians, Little Lady Nobody, Lorna's Lonely Days, The Nine Lives of Nat the Cat, No Hope for Hannah, Noelle's Ark, No-One Cheers for Norah, Not So Lady-Like Lucy, Odd Mann Out, Our Big Big Secret, The Pony from the Moorland Mist, Quiz Kid Queenie, The Return of Rena, Sandra Must Dance, Seana of the Seals, The School of No Escape, Silver is a Star; Sink or Swim, Sara!; Sisters in Sorrow, Sister to a Star, Slaves of the Eye, Slaves of the Sorcerer, Slave of the Trapeze, Slave to a Star, Spook of St. Luke's, Supergirl Sally, Trixie the Tennis Tramp, Wee Sue, Wendy the Witch, Wyn and the Witch

Comments: Intended to be a sister comic to Tammy, Sandie's initial line-up consisted of No-One Cheers for Norah, Little Lady Nobody, Odd Mann Out, Brenda’s Brownies, Our Big BigSecret, The School of No Escape, Not So Lady-like Lucy, Wee Sue, Bonnie’s Butler, Sandra Must Dance and Silver Is a Star. It had a relatively short life, running for a year and a half before merging with the aforementioned Tammy.

Little Lady Nobody

Odd Mann Out

Brenda's Brownies, the misadventures of Tarantula "Troupe" 

Our Big Big Secret

The School of No Escape

Wee Sue

Not So Lady-Like Lucy - Lady Primrose Hunter-Duckett has the task of turning Lucy, the daughter of the Hillbilly Earl of Locksley, into a lady. But it's a long, up-hill job...

Bonnie's Butler - Bonnie Belthorp of the northern town of Gifford inherits the services of a butler, Gregston.

Sandra Must Dance

Anna's Forbidden Friend, which began on 19th February 1972 in Sandie #2

Silver is a Star

Wendy the Witch, which had begun by the 25th March 1972 issue

Slaves of the Sorcerer: Began on 8th April 72. Caspar the Sorcerer captures Beth and forces her to risk her life in his acts.

Friends and Neighbours: Began 22nd April 1972. The story of Ann Friend, her family, and her best friend's family, who lived next door.

The Captives of Madam Karma: Began 6th May 1972. The mysterious and villainous Madame Karma kidnaps talented girl musicians, and imprisons them in her secret Arctic Circle laboratory (as you do).

Lorna's Lonely Days: Began 6th May 72

Barbara and the Ballet of the Beautiful: Began 27th May 1972

The Pony from the Moorland Mist: Began 3rd June 1972

Trixie the Tennis Tramp: Began by 1st July 1972

Jeannie and her Uncle "Meanie": Began 1st July 1972. Orphan Jeannie Jackson is sent to live with her long-lost Scottish uncle Angus McScrimp in his castle in the Scottish Highlands. He turns out to be the biggest skinflint going, and amusing antics follow.

It All Depends on Diane: Began by 1st July 72

The Amazing Miss Birch: Began by 1st July 1972

Seana of the Seals: Began by 2nd September 1972

No Hope for Hannah: Began by 2nd September 1972

The Nine Lives of Nat the Cat: Began by 7th October 1972

Anne of a Thousand Sorrows: Began by 21st October 1972

Slave of the Trapeze: Began by 4th November 1972

Angela Angel-Face: Began 11th November 1972

Fiona and the Fighting Finsters: Began 18th November 1972

The Return of Rena : Began some time in 1972

Anna and the Circus: Began by 13th January 1973

Isla and the Ice Maiden: Began by 17th March 1973

Dawn at Dead-End Street: Began by 17th March 1973 Lindy and the Last Lilliputians: Began 17th March 1973
Quiz Kid Queenie: Began by 17th March 1973 Connie Courageous: Began 17th March 1973
Captives of Terror Island: Began 17th March 1973 Supergirl Sally: Began 17th March 1973
Sink or Swim, Sara!: Began 21st April 1973

Sisters in Sorrow: Began by 12th May 1973

Wyn and the Witch: Began by 12th May 1973

Dancing to Danger: Began by 18th June 1973

Bridie at the Fair: Began began 14th July 1973

Cinderella Superstar: Began by 14th July 73

All Against Alice: Began by 28th July 1973

Slaves of the Eye: Began by 28th July 1973. In Castle School schoolgirl Kate Saunders and her friend Heather discover the new teacher, Miss Krell, is replacing girls with identical androids.

House of Toys: Began by 11th August 1973

The Golden Shark: Began by 11th August 73

Cherry in Chains: Began by 11th August 1973

Noelle’s Ark: Began 11th August 1973

Catastrophe engulfed the world when a nuclear explosion melted the ice caps, causing sea levels to rise and submerge entire continents. The low-lying areas of Britain were submerged fathoms deep under sullen floodwaters. Noelle King fled her school and headed home to the fairground her father owned, hoping to find her parents, but instead found a family of strangers living in their caravan. They stole her boat, but luckily in the fairgrounds there was an ark displayed as part of the attractions. Thinking it fake and unable to safely float, no one had stolen it, but Noelle knew her father had built it around an old naval landing craft, complete with engine. Travelling with fellow survivors Phil and his Grandpa, Noelle set out for Scotland, hoping her parents had headed there to higher ground and safety.

Slave to a Star: Began 25th August 1973 Sister to a Star : Began 29th September 1973
Spook of St. Luke's: Sandie Annual 1974

Melanie Jones of St. Luke's School has a most unusual friend, a Cavalier spook called Charlie. Unfortunately, whenever Charlie got too cocky about his haunting ability, he bungled things.

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