Real Name: Tommy Czuchra

Identity/Class: Human, resurrected from the dead and mutated by supernatural forces

Occupation: In life, school boy; after death, superhero and leader of the Elementals; ruler of the Supernatural Nation on Nacht Island

Affiliations: Member of the Elementals; ally of Ambrose; apprentice of Saker

Enemies: the Rapture; Oblivion; Captain Cadaver;
formerly Saker; the Destroyers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Nacht Island

First Appearance: Justice Machine Annual #1; Elementals

Powers/Abilities: For a long time Tommy was able to transform into a gigantic rock form with tremendous strength and durability. After returning from the dead a second time, he is now learning to tap into the vast supernatural power all the Elementals could potentially access.


Comments: Created by Bill Willingham.


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