Roy of the Rovers

a.k.a.: Roy of the Rovers and Hot Shot

Publisher: IPC

Format: Weekly anthology, later monthly

First Issue (weekly): 25th September 1976

Last Issue (weekly): 20th March 1993 (853 issues)

First Issue (monthly): September 1993

Last Issue (monthly): March 1995 (19 issues)

Absorbed: Hot Shot

Absorbed into: None

Strips: Hot-Shot Hamish, Mighty Mouse, Roy of the Rovers, Billy's Boots, Tommy's Troubles, The Hard Man, Dexter's Dozen, The Safest Hands on Soccer, The Footballer Who Wouldn't Stay Dead, Goalkeeper, Playmaker, Durrell's Palace, Wayne's Wolves, The Marks Brothers, Mike's Mini Men, Mi££ionaire Villa, Simon's Secret, Smith and Son, The Football, The Boy Who Hated Football, The Kid from Argentina, The Apprentices, Harker's War, Nipper, The Wheelchair Wonder, Space Invader, Harker's War, The Team That Went to War, Johnny Cougar, Project 917, Kevin's Chance, Goalmouth, Buster's Ghost, United, Cheat, Future Ball, Dream Keeper, Racey's Rocket, Football Family Robinson, The Chocolate Bar Kid, The Legend, Kevin's Chance, Who is Arrow?


Despite being short and fat, Kevin Mouse, known on the field as "Mighty" Mouse, was an exceptional footballer, playing part time for First Division Tottenford Rovers. He could easily have become a full-time professional, but his dream was instead to become a doctor and heal the sick. In pursuit of this goal, he was also a medical student at St. Victor's Hospital, where his football-related absences were accepted by the hospital's senior physician, Dr. Mender, but not by the Matron, Mad Annie, a bully looking for any excuse to fire Mouse.  

Buster's Ghost: Buster Madden was a top player for Blackport Rovers until he was killed in a car crash. Refusing to rest, Madden returned as a ghost, determined to help his team win matches. Only his cousin / Blackport teammate, Nigel Foster, could see him.

Created by writer Tom Tully and artist Solano Lopez, Buster's Ghost appeared in Roy of the Rovers between 5th December 1992 and 1993. Blackport Rovers was also the team that earlier Roy of the Rovers' character Nipper had played for.

Takes the question "who has possession of the ball?" to a whole new level.

Project 917: First Division Westhampton City had signed the brilliant Rob Smith, but they never realised he was a robot built by Professor Ernest P. Smith. The players knew Rob's secret, and they were determined to keep it that way.

Simon's Secret: Simon Benson was not very good at football, although he sometimes played for Westlake School's third team. Then he had an accident, was given "implants" to his left leg, right hand and ear, and he became a bionic boy.

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